Palacinema Locarno

Palacinema Locarno

Creation and Development of the PalaCinema in Locarno

Our creation for the PalaCinema in Locarno illustrates a close collaboration where architecture, the technical supervision of movie theaters, and traffic engineering combine to create an exceptional cinematographic experience. Discover how we meticulously designed the movie bar and the cinema reception, creating spaces that invite you to share and relax before or after the show.

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Locarno | Tessin region | Switzerland






Architecture and Technical Support

The PalaCinema in Locarno project was designed to offer modern and functional architecture that integrates harmoniously into the urban landscape. Every architectural detail has been designed to maximize the comfort and experience of visitors. The technical follow-up of the movie theaters was ensured with exceptional rigor, guaranteeing optimal acoustic and visual quality. State-of-the-art projection and sound systems have been installed to provide total immersion for viewers.

Relaxation area

Space Design and Layout

The layout of the movie bar and the cinema reception was carried out with the aim of creating welcoming and friendly spaces. The movie bar, with its modern design and comfortable seats, invites visitors to relax and chat before or after the screening. The reception, spacious and bright, facilitates the movement of visitors and improves the entry and exit experience.

Relaxation and Sharing Spaces

The common areas of the PalaCinema were designed to promote sharing and conviviality. Visitors can enjoy relaxing moments in the lobby, which is furnished with comfortable seating areas and stylish decor. The movie bar offers a selection of drinks and snacks, creating a perfect environment for relaxing before the movie or chatting after the screening.

Movie theater

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering was a key aspect of the project. Visitor flows have been carefully planned to ensure maximum fluidity, avoid congestion and ensure a pleasant experience for all. Well-defined entrances and exits, as well as smartly designed transition spaces, contribute to a smooth movement within the building.



The PalaCinema in Locarno is a leading cultural destination thanks to our commitment to creating an exceptional cinema experience. Each visit to the PalaCinema is unique and memorable, thanks to a successful combination of modern architecture, cutting-edge technology and welcoming spaces. Our project continues to contribute to the cultural influence of Locarno, offering visitors a place where cinema and comfort meet harmoniously.

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