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At Energiz, we offer comprehensive renovation services to bring your residential and commercial spaces back to life. Our dedicated team puts its expertise at your service to transform your ideas into concrete achievements, on time and on budget.

Our services

Residential renovation

We renovate your living spaces to reflect your style and meet your needs. Whether you want to modernize a kitchen, remodel a bathroom, or undertake a complete renovation of your home, we are there to support you at every stage of the project.

Commercial renovation

We transform your commercial spaces so that they are functional, aesthetic and adapted to your business. Whether it's offices, stores, restaurants or other types of commercial spaces, our team ensures renovations that optimize your work environment and strengthen your brand image.

Building Renovation

We specialize in the renovation of buildings, whether residential or commercial buildings. Our objective is to modernize your buildings while optimizing their functionality, aesthetics and market value. We take care of all aspects of the renovation to ensure results that meet your highest expectations.

Why choose Energiz?
  • Expertise and Experience: A team of professionals experienced in all aspects of renovation.
  • Customized solutions: Services adapted to your specific needs, guaranteeing unique and high quality results.
  • Quality and safety: A commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety for each project.
  • Transparency and Communication: Regular updates and open communication for effective collaboration and optimal results.

Questions fréquentes

What types of renovation projects do you carry out?

We carry out residential and commercial renovation projects, as well as renovations of historic buildings. Whether it is to modernize a room, redevelop a commercial space or restore an old building, we have the necessary expertise to carry out your project successfully.

What is the typical length of a renovation project?

The duration of a renovation project varies according to its size and complexity. We draw up a detailed schedule at the start of the project and keep you updated on progress at each stage to ensure deadlines are met.

What are the advantages of choosing Energiz for a renovation project?

By choosing Energiz, you benefit from our expertise, our commitment to quality and our personalized approach. We provide comprehensive project management, from initial design to final completion, ensuring that all aspects are taken care of in a professional and efficient manner.

How do I start a renovation project with Energiz?

Start with a free initial consultation where we'll discuss your ideas, needs, and expectations. Contact us to schedule a meeting and find out how we can transform your spaces.

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