Energiz establishes itself in Portugal with two new branches in Porto and Lisbon

Energiz establishes itself in Portugal with two new branches in Porto and Lisbon

Energiz establishes itself in Portugal with two new branches in Porto and Lisbon

Energiz, a recognized leader in the fields of architecture, renovation and construction, is delighted to announce the opening of two new branches in Portugal, marking a key step in its international expansion. The new facilities will be located in the cities of Porto and Lisbon and are expected to open between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.

A strategic expansion in Portugal

With these new branches, Energiz is strengthening its presence in Europe and opening up new opportunities to meet the growing demand for high-quality services in the architecture, renovation and construction sectors. The offices in Porto and Lisbon will serve as nerve centers to offer innovative and sustainable solutions throughout Portugal.

Porto and Lisbon: strategic choices

oporto, the second largest city in Portugal, is recognized for its rich cultural heritage and economic dynamism. This city is a strategic crossroads for businesses wishing to set up in the north of the country. The Porto office will allow Energiz to get closer to its customers and local partners, thus facilitating the management of projects in this region.


lisbon, the capital, is a thriving economic and commercial center with a high demand for high-quality construction and renovation services. By setting up in Lisbon, Energiz is positioning itself at the heart of the action, ready to seize opportunities in a fast-growing market.


Services extended to all of Portugal

The two new offices will be equipped to provide a comprehensive range of services covering architecture, renovation and construction. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial projects, Energiz is determined to offer solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency.

A commitment to innovation and sustainability

Energiz is firmly committed to integrating sustainable practices and innovative technologies into all of its projects. This expansion in Portugal testifies to the company's vision of promoting sustainable development while meeting the needs of its customers with cutting-edge solutions.

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